Desiree Wong has been teaching for the last 15 years from business at the university level to teaching Chinese languages and culture to students from preschoolers to elementary aged groups to teens and adult professionals.  By building her own school, she wants to enrich people’s lives by helping them to enhance their links to their roots and to enlighten, excite and educate others about Chinese languages and culture on their personal and/or business levels.


The students and where they come from

Our students come from different ethnic backgrounds, ages, and occupations.  Just to mention a few from New Hampshire and Massachusetts:

New Hampshire

Atkinson, Bedford, Bow, Bristol, Chester, Concord, Derry, Hudson, Keene, Laconia, Litchfield,  Londonderry, Manchester, Nashua, New Boston, New Market, Pelham, Peterborough, Portsmouth, Rochester, Weare, Windham, Seabrook and etc.


Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable, Lowell and etc.


What students and parents say about our school/classes

    ...My results were evident on my first trip back to Taiwan, since starting my tutoring with Ms. Wong.  My business collogues were very impressed with my progress …. The usages of multi-media, thematic units and different activities such as songs, skits and student-to-student conversations have helped me in a great deal...Jim from Pelham, NH


      ...Ms. Wong gets her students involved and active in the class. She assigns meaningful homework that is creative and cooperative. ..... It had everyone involved in a fun and engaging way. It is not uncommon to hear laughter and active participation coming from her classroom..... Ms. Wong consistently demonstrates a genuine love of teaching and she brings that excitement and passion to her class. She is always prepared for class, uses multi-media instructions and fully utilizes the class time.   My two sons, Michael and Jacob have been learning a great deal from Ms. Wong for the last three years from speaking to writing characters to grammatical understanding and usages.  Ms. Wong has also given my children additional learning opportunities. In February last year, Michael and Jacob were invited to work with other students from the school to perform several segments about Chinese culture which include a skit on Chinese New Year to a community group in Concord , NH. ...Ms. Wong also organizes an annual school-wide celebration with all the classes creating and performing for family and friends. Not only does she directly supervise the skit for her class, but she must organize the other classes and the function itself. The classes must write and perform their own skits. It’s an enormous production bringing together all the classes, food, and special performers such as traditional Chinese musicians and dancers. These large programs are excellent examples of the interactive teaching methods...Tom from Bristol, NH


       ...Ms. Wong is extremely skilled at decoding this system, breaking a language down into primitive and basic structures and gradually building upon that foundation as skills develop.  In this fashion a student can be guided through a progression from the expression of very simple ideas to that of more nuanced ones.  I have observed that this is one component in achieving fluency, as it lays the groundwork for thinking “natively” in a new language, as well as providing a basis for applying existing language skills to new contexts….. Ms. Wong places tremendous emphasis on precision and correctness, whether it be in pronouncing Chinese with the correct tonality, pausing at the appropriate times for natural diction, writing characters with the correct stroke order, or capturing the intended nuances of an expression.  Within her classroom environment it is clear that accuracy is vastly preferable to “close enough,” much in the same way that true fluency is preferable to speaking clumsily and only generally conveying the essence of an idea.  While this can be very challenging it is also empowering because one is never left to wonder whether they are correct or whether there is room for improvement… . Ms. Wong is extremely passionate about bridging cultural worlds.  For example, some of her classes feature content relevant to specific holidays, both Western and Eastern.  Other times, she will carefully take extra time to explain certain nuances – unspoken meanings and the implied feelings– that may get lost via simple translation.  This context pays dividends because not all cultures perceive the same actions in the same fashion.  It also serves to reinforce one’s language skills, because one is forced to consider how one’s words are being interpreted.  With China’s recent rise as an economic power, and as an individual of Chinese descent, I find this to be extremely informative and useful.  I especially appreciate her efforts to that end...Mike from Weare, NH



New Hampshire Chinese School of Culture and Languages